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Huelva Gastronomy

No only the clime and the beaches, but also an important and savory varied gastronomic offers any of the towns that participate in this coasts; Ayamonte, Isla Cristina, Lepe, Cartaya, Punta Umbría, Moguer, Palos y Almonte.

To run over the gastronomy of the province of Huelva is to run over its history and its geography. There where we go will brink to our pass news forms to understand the wonderful art of the firesides and in any side we will meet many gastronomic deliciousness to degust and enjoy.

Huelva has two stars that bright with own light: The jam and the shellfish . Two authentic luxuries that perhaps aren't too well known.

If the hams of the saw have fame and quality , no it count with less the shellfishes that diary arrive to the ports of Isla Cristina, Huelva, El Rompido (Cartaya), Ayamonte, Lepe o Punta Umbría. The proceeding from this coasts has some characteristics that it becomes different of the any other. Are prawns retaken to the foot of the debouchment of the rivers, it are feed where the mantle that adduce the fluvial drippings is rich and adequate for this little shellfish. The well known white prawn of the coast is unmistakable by the pink color of it loin at the boiling and the immaculate white by the which detach its gambs. Strokesman, locust, crawfishes and one mollusc with gustative properties truly incommensurable, the cockle.

Its certainly obligatory attack in all its fresh the fishes that proceed from the ports of these places, to the grill or fried. The shellfishes cannot default never in a good meal in all these coasts. And you must retain in the memory a popular cephalopod in all the province: the cuttlefish. With this cuttlefish, that give name to the inhabitants of the capital, "choqueros", and the cockles and shellfishes its prepared a rice plenty of broth more appeared to the portugueses than to the levantines, that raise the kitchen of Huelva to levels of great height. Also this cephalopod, the cuttlefish has been tied traditionally to the kitchen more humbles with the fresh beans of the season. Now is typical plate in the onubense menu. In places of the coast like Ayamonte or Isla Cristina we will meet tunny-fish, bluefish, corvine and other species cooked in a traditional form, combining the savor of the fresh fishes with the aromas of the spices, very good used and the qualities that gives the nearly fruit-garden

In material of confectionery, the sweets fried and honeyed are, of course, a great deliciousness. They are in all the province, especially in those places that are rich in honey, as El Andevalo. We don't forget the sweets elaborated with the almond, the strawberries that are cultivated in the onubense littoral, in Palos and Lepe. the sweets of quince from Moguer.

Over the wine, exists a Denomination of origin that is controlling the production of some frutescent and young wines, that are added to the traditional offer of wines with more body, fine, odorous with great quality. You can may liquors as the brandy of La Palma or the "aguardientes", aniseed with high graduation, very digestive for after a good meal. Also detach the liquors of cherries, with less graduation and excellent savor that are elaborated in La Sierra, Cuenca Minera y El Condado.

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