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Teruel Natural Parks

Protected Landscape of the Pine Forests of Rodeno de Albarracín

To the Southwest of Teruel, we find the Sierra de Albarracín, a really surprising landscape and cultural ensemble, dominated by a vast pine forest lending its name to the Protected Landscape of the Pine Forests of Rodeno de Albarracín.

This natural space, located between the municipal limits of Álbarracín, Bezas and Gea de Albarracín, nd extending over 3335 hectares, the altitude of which ranges between the 1.095 metres of the Tobías ravine and the 1.602 metres of the Cerro de la Cruz of Montoyo.

In the year 1995, it was officially declared a protected space, given its extraordinary vegetable, animal and geological peculiarities, which imply a legal status in order to acknowledge and protect this ensemble of values. Simultaneously, the customs and activities of the area were regulated, in order to ensure the compatibility of the traditional exploitation of the forests, cattle raising and agriculture with the protection of the environment.

Access: From Albarracín

Las Saladas del Bajo Aragón

On the extensive, arid plains between Híjar and Alcañiz, bordered by the Martín and Guadalope rivers, are a series of wetland areas formed by erosion. The earth in these areas is usually of poor quality and very salted, typical of steppe areas where land is almost exclusively used for cultivating cereals and intensive pasturing. The dry climate with very little rainfall together with the continuous “cierzo” (a characteristic wind in the Ebro valley) means that the area is very dry.

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