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Cuenca Museums

Ronda de Julián Romero, 20
Tfno.- 969 230 619
Hours: Monday - Saturday 11-21 h. And Sunday 12-14 h.
Located in the former Convent of the Barefooted Carmelites, the Foundation was created from the works gathered by Antonio Pérez througbout his life, which includes paintings, engravings, sculptures, and books. The collection is comprised of works from well-known Spanish and international artists such as Millares, Gordillo, Torner, Saura, and Equipo Crónica. The collection of found objects of Antonio Pérez is another section which extends this large and multifaceted art collection.

Plaza del Trabuco, s/n
Tfno: 969 213 444
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday (11-14 h. / 16-19 h.). Sunday (11-14 h.)
Price: 1 €

Casas Colgadas, s/n
16001 - CUENCA
Tlfno.: 969 212 983
Fax.- 969 21 22 85
Tuesday-Friday 11-2 and 4-6
Saturdays 11-2 and 4-8
Sundays 11-2:30
Tuesday-Friday 11-2 and 4-6
Regular ticket: 3 €
Students, senior citizen and group rate: 1,50 €
Located in the Hanging Houses, which have been renovated to modern standards. In 1966, the artist Fernando Zóbel housed his private collection of abstract Spanish art here. Just before dying, he left the collection to the Juan March Foundation. The aesthetic originality of these works contrasts with the traditional interior of the building, while at the same time they complement each other. A walk through this attractive museum is stimulating. All of this century´s most important abstract artists are represented here: Antoni Tapiés, Antonio Saura, Eusebio Sempere, Gerardo Rueda, Gustavo Torner, José Guerrero, Eduardo Chillida, Pablo Serrano, Luis Feito, Rafael Canogar, Hernández Mompó, name only a few. Fernando Zóbel´s works are shown too, of course. Along with this permanent collection, the museum has an impressive collection of graphic art, thanks to an extraordinary art library, which may be utilized by students.

Obispo Valero, 6
16001 - CUENCA
Tlfno.: 969 213 069
Tuesday-Saturday 10-2 and 4-7
Sundays and holidays 11-2
Single: 1,20 €
Groups: 0,60 € (Sundays and Santurdays FREE)
Located in the Casa Curato de San Martín, the museum offers an overview of the history of Cuenca, using the archaeological remains found in diverse sites throughout the province, dating back to the most remote epochs. A chronological tour starts in the galleries of prehistory. On display are pieces of ceramics and utensils for the home, as well as jewelry. Even more spectacular are the authentic works of Roman art from the great cities of Segóbriga, Valeria and Ercávica, to which we must add Fosos de Bayona, a city which has not yet been officially recognized. Beautiful statues, fragments of columns, capitals, gold and silver work, and coins form the heart of this splendid collection which is completed in the most modern galleries by works from Cuenca in the Visigoth and Arab ages. All of these are accompanied by illustrated panels, which make the visit one of great didactic value.

Avenida de los Alfares
Tlfno.: 969 179 118

Plaza de la Merced, 1
Tlfno.: 969 240 320
Tuesday-Saturday 10-2 and 4-7
Sundays: 10-2
Single: 1,20 € Museum- 1,20 € Planetarium. Both: 2,40 €
Groups:0,60 € Museum - 0,60 € Planetarium.Both: 1,20 €
The museum is located y the center of the old quarter and is comprised of two buildings, the old convent and its modern day addition. The museum explains the formation of Earth, the arrival of man, the history of astronomy from the Egiptians to the Middle Ages, a Planetarium, time capsules and Earth's treasures, a life's laboratory, and the history of the future.

Obispo Valero, 1
Tlfno.: 969 224 210
Bishopric: 969 212 011
Tuesday-Saturday 11-2 and 4-7
Sundays 11-2
Single: 1,80 €
Groups: 1,20 €
Located on Obispo Valero Street, which runs parallel to the Episcopal Palace. The museum is the perfect complement to a visit to the Cathedral, as it houses important artwork of all kinds: painting, altarpieces, gold and silver work, tapestries, rugs, etc. All of these have come from churches throughout the diocese, and are here presented in a modern and attractive museum setting. Of special note, there is a collection of paintings by Juan de Borgoña, two works by El Greco, paintings by Martín Gómez, Gérard David and many other anonymous artists. Among the icons, we should highlight a "Resurrection" by Diego de Tiedra, an impressive collection of chalices and "custodias" (especially one which bears the mark of the Becerril family), and many liturgical instruments: censers, processional crosses, bells, etc. Perhaps the most valued piece on display is a Bizantine Diptych, or "Relicario de los Déspotas" from the 16th century. There is an extraordinary collection of tapestries and another of rugs, the latter coming from the Cuencan School which reached its height of production in the 16th and 18th centuries.

Tuesday-Saturday 11-2 and 4-6
Sunday 11-2
Single: 1.5 €
Groups: 1 €
As a side trip to a tour through the Cathedral naves, consider visiting the Treasure, located at the back of the building in the Sacristy, where you can view splendid artworks: a "Dolorosa" by Pedro de Mena, the painting of the Virgin of "la Leche," a Christ crowned with thorns by García Salmerón, the Assumption by Martín Gómez el Viejo, etc. Also on view are furniture from the Cathedral and rudiments for the mass.

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