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The Pirineu of Girona

Here you will find all the shades of green: the mysterious, deep green of mountain lakes and streams; the soft, soothing green of the fields and meadows the bold green of the treetops as they march up sheer mountainsides...

Everything there speaks of nature, of life, of scenery. Amidst this mighty, sometimes fierce setting an authentic, warm spirit has thrived, capable of inspiring a mountain culture based on honesty, peace and respect for things and people.

It is thanks precisely to this respect that today it is still possible to retrace the medieval steps from village to village and from monastery to monastery, following the Romanesque Route through such extraordinary sites as Ripoll or Sant Joan de les Abadesses.

The mountainous region of Girona stretches in an east-west direction from the Mediterranean up to the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. Its proximity to the Mediterranean is what provides such a benign clime to this part of the Pyrenees.

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