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Ciudad Rodrigo Culture

Located in the south-east of the province, amidst the Sierra de Francia range, are other not-to-be missed places such as La Alberca, a village with National Historic Heritage status, and Miranda del Castañar, an Historic-Artistic Site.

In terms of culture, one of the most popular "fiestas" of Ciudad Rodrigo is the so-called Carnaval del Toro (bull carnival). As its name suggests, bulls play a major role in this celebration, with the Plaza Mayor serving for several days as a stage for amateur and professional bullfights with young bulls as well as other festivities.

"Farinato" (a type of sausage made with breadcrumbs, pork fat, paprika and other spices) is the most typical of the local delicacies and is best served with fried eggs. Other local dishes worthy of mention are "chanfaina" (based on rice and pork), "hornazo" (a type of pie) and roasts, especially suckling pig. With regard to the local confectionary, absolute musts are the "bollo maimón" (a cake made from sugar, eggs and yeast) and "repelao" (a sweetmeat similar in taste to marzipan and made throughout the area).

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