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Almazan Festival

Zarrón´s Festival implies the participation of all the inhabitants of Almazán.

The origins are in the 19th century when the Cofradía de San Pascual Bailón was founded. Since then, on 17th May.

Members of the fraternity carry the Saint on a platform, under the charge of the foremen and protected by the zarrón, a grotesque figure attired in shepherd's clothes and a black hat adorned with feathers and foxes' tails.

There are three zarrones, and their mission is to precede the parade and clear the way for the eight dancing pairs and the drummer, who must always be facing the saint. The figures of the zarrón represent the protectors of the flock and this festival has its origins in this collective, which founded the Cofradía de San Pascual and chose the Saint as its patron.



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