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Valonsadero Information

Systematic painting attributable to the 3rd millennium B.C.
At the foot of shelters, rituals and ceremonies were held, meetings and exchanges that were represented on rocky walls, with images relating to their activities, way of life and beliefs.

The systematic rock painting is outdoors, in differently orientated shelters or caves, using vertical walls, viscera and cavities.
There are large blocks of sandstone in noticeable places, visible from afar.
There are approximately thirty-one shelters.
The paintings were found in 1951.
The highlight is the El Mirador shelter, representing scenes of gathering, grazing and hunting.
The colour red and flat tints predominate.

Civilisation Postpaleolithic
Type of archaeological site Rock art
Dating from 3rd millenium b.c. - bronze age
Place 6 km from Soria, near to the main road to Burgos.
Place category Archaeological site
Visit Visitable
Inscription date 30/06/1994


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