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Pontevedra Gastronomy

The deeply-rooted maritime tradition of Pontevedra and the nearby ports has resulted in a type of cuisine largely based on fresh fish and seafood. Typical dishes include oysters and mussels, as well as cockle and sardine pies. Another option is to try the excellent fresh-water fish, the best of which are the trout, salmon and, especially, the lamprey. Wines with the Rías Baixas Label Guarantee make an excellent accompaniment to any of these dishes.

Pontevedra's cuisine is defined by the abundance of products that the estuaries provide in the region of Rías Baixas, a fish and seafood paradise.

But the wealth of the region is not limited to the estuaries: the Miño River, at its end, is the source of many valued species, from eel to salmon, not to mention lamprey. Pontevedra, like the rest of Galicia today, offers a varied cuisine that beautifully combines tradition with the newest trends, always managing to bring out the exceptional quality of the local products.

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