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Burgos City

The city of Burgos has a population of 166,000. It is the capital of the province of the same name, one of the provinces belonging to the Autonomous Community of Castille and Leon. The city is outstanding both for its exceptional historic ad artistic heritage and for its geographical location, making it one of the most visited cities in Spain. The city can be easily reached by car, bus and by train, making it an ideal location for visits to Madrid and other places of interest.

Burgos is a richly historical city. Traces of its 1,100 years of existence are to be found on every corner. The most important monument is the Cathedral, declared by the UNESCO a World Heritage Monument, a true jewel of architecture. Other gothic churches of note for the visitor are Santa Águeda, San Esteban, San Gil, San Lesmes, San Nicolás or Nuestra Señora la Real Antigua de Gamonal. The Monastery of Las Huelgas and the Carthusian Monastery of Miraflores are also well worth a visit. Among civil monuments of great interest are the King´s Hospital, today the site of the Law Faculty and the Rectorate; the House of the Cordon; the remains of the Castle -an old medieval fortification- and the old city wall; the arch of Santa María -remodelled as an arch of triumph in honour of the Emperor Charles V -and of San Esteban, in Mudejar style, and the arch of San Martín.

The countless monuments, parks and walks and the little streets in the old part of the city make a wander through Burgos a fascinating experience.

Burgos is an active, modern and clean city, with a remarkable cultural life for a medium-size city. In Burgos one can enjoy high quality shows and performances for all kinds of audience, from the most classic to the last artistic tendencies (theater, dance, concerts, exhibits, installations, street theater, etc).

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