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Jaen City

The city of Jaen, in northern Andalucia, is rich in history, with great monuments such as the Cathedral, built between the 16th and 18th centuries, and the adjoining parish church or "El Sagrario". The city's Moorish castle, converted into a Parador, sits majestically on top of Mount Santa Catalina, and atop a nearby hill stands a monumental cross engraved with a moving poem by Almendros Aguilar. But it's worth climbing to the top just to see the spectacular view of the city and the rolling olive groves of Jaen!


Jaen has several fascinating churches, such as La Santa Capilla de San Andres, the Convent of Santo Domingo, the Church of La Magdalena with its charming courtyard, the Church of San Ildefonso, the Convent of Las Bernardas and the Churches of San Bartolomé and San Juan. The Museum of Jaen Province (Museo Provincial) possesses one of Spain's leading collections of Iberian art, from the pre-Roman period.

Each year the plazas of Jaen are lit up by huge bonfires celebrating the day of San Antonio Abad, the patron saint and protector of animals. The town's neighbourhoods vie with one another to build the biggest, brightest and most spectacular bonfire, while the people perform the traditional dance called "los melenchones". Seasonal delicacies are eaten such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes and popcorn.

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