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Around the island of Ibiza

It's a great feeling to know you could do several different things each day and never have to do the same thing twice, unless you choose to, and still leave a load of fresh experiences to enjoy your next visit. Now that Ibiza is networked with a super infrastructure of new roads, just a short journey will bring you into another scene. But to enjoy all this, you've got to have wheels, if only for a few days.

The most delightful surprise, especially when you've come from the concrete jungle, are the beautiful, green inland landscapes where nature has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Ibiza's hills, with their softly rounded undulations, are so very easy on the eye.

Up in them thar hills, shady picnic areas with superb views are yours for the choosing. The uniquely soothing tranquility and solitude of unspoiled landscapes in perfect weather acts like a balm, gently unwinding stress. Time is meaningless, only the moment matters. This is the greatest environment for tuning into your inner self, finding peace within and being in harmony with nature.

Your route should take in the charming villages of inland Ibiza, they make idyllic stops for a refreshing drink and walkabout. Village life centres on the local church and the shop cum bar. Here's a wonderful opportunity to be with the real Ibicencos and see a simple and satisfyingly different side of life. As I write this, I am thinking especially of Santa Inés and San Mateo in the San Antonio area and Santa Gertrudis, San Carlos and San Miguel, not far from Santa Eulalia. A little further south are Jesus, San Raphael and San Jose all of which have become somewhat more urbanised in the past ten years, yet still retain their Ibicenco charm.

Sooner or later, every road leads to a sea view, whether it is atop a hill with vistas of interestingly shaped offshore islands in the panorama of sea below, or sloping down to the translucent waters of a rocky inlet, ideal for a day's fishing; an uninhabited sandy cove with invitingly crystalline waters, or a magnificent beach. Ibiza's entire coastline shelters a variety of sandy coves and beaches, many flying the EEC Blue Flag, which invite swimming, snorkelling and sea sports.

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