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The route of three temples: A Natural Devotion

The cult, the most impressive architecture and the most suggestive nature come together in the heart of Gipuzkoa, forming a winding route that crosses the valley of Urola and which is based on three temples; the Sanctuary of Loiola, the Antigua and the Sanctuary of Arantzatzu. Visiting these remarkable buildings means crossing pastureland where magnificent forests of indegenous arboreal species abound with rocky landscapes.On the sides of the Massif of Izarraitz is situated the Sanctuary of Loiola, an impressive historical monument built between the XVII and the XVIII century centred on the Casa Torre where the founder of the Company of Jesus was born: Saint Ignacio of Loiola. The Basilica stands out with it's baroque style and circular floor which is topped by a majestic dome and a graceful lantern.Visiting the Casa Torre, allows us to know how the Saints family life evolved. In the monuments wing near to the river, the Museum and the Diaporama are found where sacred art items and the life and work of Saint Ignacio are exhibited.From the Sanctuary, the route continues by the Errekarte Farmhouse, rises shortly through beautiful sceneries, past a gorgeous view of the valley and comes to the Barrio de Oñatz vicinity. By the slopes of Samiño, the Pass of Pagotxeta and the Chapel of Saint Cristobal, one arrives at the Chapel of La Antigua.This temple is erected on a natural viewpoint, as one can gaze at the Mountains of Aralar and Aizkorri and the Mounts San Donato and Udalaitz. From this beautiful spot, one takes the path that leads to the Chapel of Saint Barbara, the Pass of Descarga, the Heights of Arrola, the Mount Gorostiaga, the Pass of Udana, the Heights of Biozkornia and the vicinity of Duru, where one descends to the Sanctuary of Arantzatzu.

The first data relating to La Antigua appears in the 13th century. Stone and oak reach a perfect symbiosis in this jewel dating from the Romanesque period, known as the Cathedral of Chapels. A restrained outside contrasts with a spectacular inside which transformed it into a Historical-National Monument.Between the crags of the ravine of Arantzatzu raises the third and last temple of the route. It is a quasi phantasmagoric place buried deep in a wild nature of extraordinary beauty. From this pilgrimage temple, one can gaze at the Mountains of Aizkorri in all it's wonder.

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