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Cumbrecita - the side window into the Caldera (La Palma)

The Cumbrecita is at the end of small valley alongside the cumbra (backbone) which has magnificent views of the Caldera.

Beginning on the road from The Tunnel to El Paso you will see the Caldera Tourist center on the right. It's worth spending a little time here to study the geology, flora, fauna and history of the island. Immediately past this building is a side road leading towards the Caldera.

After a few hundred meters there is a road to the right leading to the chapel "Ermita Pino de la Virgen. An isolated chapel with magnificent old pine trees.

Return to the side road and carry on for a few hundred meters and take the next right turn (signposted Cumbrectita).

This road continues for some kilometers through a wooded valley past picnic spots. You can see the remains of the old (and not so old) water pipes and gulleys alongside the road.

The road rises and twists to the end point of the road which has a car park on the left for touring buses, and 50 meters further on the right, parking spaces for a few cars, you may have to turn back and park the car on the road.

At this point you are at about 1400 meters above the sea, the rocks rise to above 2000 meters on both sides and to 2450 meters in front of you at the Roque de Muchachos. The floor of the Caldera in this area is at about 700 to 800 meters.

There are some short walks that you can enjoy from this point. Take a short walk through the coach park and follow the wide track to the lookout point. Or go right and then down and left to come out at the same lookout point. There are also some other paths, but they are desceptively dangerous. Always wear suitable footware.

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