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Ruta de Carlos V

Carlos V, the Medieval emperor, was a keen globetrotter and chose Castilla y León for his final trip. Today, this historical and geographical route passes through 24 cities in the region.

The route passes through the regions of Cantabria, Castilla y León and Extremadura, reliving the time when Carlos I de España y V de Alemania disembarked in Laredo in Cantabria on September 26, 1556, to spend the rest of his days in the Monasterio de Yuste in Caceres where he died on the 21st September 1558.

The emperor's pilgrimage through Castilla y León lasted a month and 3 days, starting on the 8th October and finishing on the 10th November 1556. The route offers tourists the chance to visit villages and areas of extraordinary natural beauty, the deep-rooted culture of the people, reflected by their traditions, legends, fiestas and lifestyle. As they pass through Castilla y León, tourists will be left with the mark of its outstanding monuments, gastronomy and the sights offered by a modern region that keeps its traditions and the legacy of its past alive.

Tourists will follow the footsteps of Carlos V through five of the region's provinces. Beginning in the north of Burgos, through the village of Agüera, the route continues towards Palencia, through Valladolid, Salamanca and Ávila where the route through Castilla y León comes to an end in El Barco de Ávila.

The words of Manuel Fernández Álvarez, member of the Real Academia de la Historia, show the importance of this route and Carlos V, when he says, "me atrevo a repetir que esa Europa común que ahora estamos levantando, hay que afianzarla sobre su común historia. Y que en esa historia común de todos los europeos, la figura de Carlos V se alza como una referencia imprescindible. Porque el que anduvo todos los caminos de la Europa occidental, el que puso una y otra vez su vida al tablero en pro de aquella Europa cristiana, es ya un patrimonio de todos los europeos".

With these words, he talks about how the common Europe that we are building must be strengthened by a common history. And in that history, which is common to all Europeans, the figure of Carlos V appears as an essential part. For, he who travelled the roads of Western Europe pronouncing himself, time and again, in favour of Christian Europe, is the heritage of all Europeans.

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