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The inhabitants of the town of Valladolid could never have imagined that a character resulting from the imagination of the great novelist, Miguel Delibes, would be the reason for so many tourists to visit. Today, hundreds of visitors follow the trail of Cipriano Salcedo in the dazzling setting offered by the Valladolid capital.

Cipriano Salcedo, the main character of the novel "El Hereje", is the central theme recreated by the writer Miguel Delibes in the setting of Vallodolid in the 16th century. Once the book, considered the best of the second half of the 20th century Spanish literature, had been published, it had such an impact on readers and intellectuals that the city's local council was forced to design a tourist route.

Nowadays, this route covers the main places described by Delibes in the book, under the watchful eye of Cipriano, who thereby not only becomes the book's protagonist and imaginative core, but he also becomes a myth and a real tourist reference. With him the traveller will discover every street, square and palace of the old and present Valladolid where neither Miguel de Cervantes, nor Christopher Colombus, or not even the Count Ansúrez - the city's founder - managed to reach such a high level of popularity and tourist interest.

Based on Delibes' text, the route reconstructs the town when it was at its maximum splendour: the first half of the 16th century, when it already had a population of 28,000 inhabitants.

The entire story is concentrated on two great autos-da-fé that happened in October, 1559 in Valladolid, although the guided route goes further and stops at the main spots mentioned in the book.

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