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Route of Costa Daurada

The Costa Daurada is linked to the rest of Catalonia, Spain and to Europè bt three major motorways: The C-32 motorway between Barcelona to El Vendrell, the Mediterranenan Motorway (A-7), which runs from the French border at La Jonquera to Alicante province and the south of Spain, and the North Motorway (A-2) that links the Basque Country with Barcelona and the North of Catalonia, via Tarragona province.

Other important roads are the National Highways N-240 to Lleida and Zaragoza, the N-420 to Teruel and Zaragoza (via the eastern counties) and the N-340 which comes from Barcelona and follows the Mediterranean coast to the south of Spain. In addition there is a good network of secondary roads joining the different towns and villages of the Costa Daurada.

Medieval Quarters route in costa daurada:

Medieval streets, towers, buildings, walls and gateways. Medieval bridge over the River Glorieta. Ancient walled town.

Medieval quarter

Walled town

Medieval quarter

Medieval quarter, arcades of the Carrer Major, various gateways and towers.

L’Espluga de Francolí
Medieval quarter

Declared a Historical-Artistic Monument

Horta de Sant Joan
Medieval town centre

Medieval quarter, one of the most important medieval towns in Catalonia, declared of Historical-Artistic Interest. 1,500 metres of town walls with 32 towers. Plaça Major (square), Desclergue Palace, Town Hall, various churches, Royal Palace, Old Hospital Of Santa Magdalena.

El Pinell del Brai
Ruins of a medieval watchtower

Santa Coloma de Queralt
Medieval quarter, arcaded squares, Chapel of Santa Magdalena Hospital, various churches and sanctuaries, Castle of the Counts of Santa Coloma.

Declared a picturesque landscape

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