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Central Area

This is the axis which links the moist Northern region with the dry basin area of the Ribera.

This area has its own character, bonded through an extensive historical past arising from its position as a cross-roads for many routes throughout history. The birthplace of kings and saints. A land of a thousand different colors made up of the ever-changing seasonal landscapes. Vine-yards and olive trees, roman ruins, mysterious churches built by the Knights Templar, open countryside and small Romanesque hermitages, the long-standing monasteries, all await to tell their tale.

The Road to Santiago merges the diverse European routes into one unique road here that will lead all the way to the far west. The many towns bedecked in history hold corners which will detain all those with a taste for the historical past.

Estella, Puente La Reina, Olite, Tafalla, Sangüesa, Ujué, Javier….and the list could go on and on…

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