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Mountains in Navarra

The large extension of Mountains in Navarra can be divided into three large regions:

The Western Pyrennes, 2.000 km2 and almost 100 km of a border with France with some exceptional Scenery, intact throughout the centuries. Here Mankind from time immemorial has kept to its most ancestral traditions, permanently related to pasturage and forest development. Here we can find the highest peaks, the most extensive woods and the deepest gorges.
A landscape of snow water and snow and which reveals its two sides: the pleasant side and the savage side.

The Atlantic Pyrennes in the North-east. Here, the Pyrennes come gently sloping down to meet the sea coast where they present a more placid countenance. Shaded woods, flowing streams, green pasturage. The small hamlets that were the birthplace of conquerors combine elegant buildings with standard ones illustrating both the large traditional house alongside towered small palaces. Their age-old traditions take us to a misty past of magic and witchcraft and carnivals. Here you can also find some splendid gastronomy.

The “Plazaola” Area, with its old train line now long-disappeared which connected Pamplona with San Sebastián, and which heralded the first steps of industrialization in this community, and whose tracks have now been turned into a green trail. The hill-ranges of Aralar and the Urbasa are linked up with the eternally-verdant valleys of Leizarán, Basaburua and the Ultzama abundant in meadows enclosed by beech and oak woods. The small hamlets are interspersed across the valleys.

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