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River-basin area

The Ribera river-basin area at the Southern end of Navarra, watered by the river Ebro and its many contributories, has Tudela as its principal city and this zone is the warmest part of the Navarra region.

This area is covered by extensive open plains, rich in watered soil, where the plants thrive in full contrast with the arid landscape. In this territory during many centuries the different Christian Muslim and Jewish communities lived in harmony and where they have left their mark in the architecture history and art and character of the people and where even today nobody need feel a stranger in this area.

Religious architecture reaches its zenith in the cathedral of Tudela and in the monasteries of Tulebras, Fitero and La Oliva and is reason enough to merit a visit besides the many palaces and manor houses that also abound here.

Within the territory there lies the singular landscape of Las Bardenas Reales, a dessert area unique in Europe, where the blend of sandstone and limestone has come together to create this unique landscape. A separate section would be needed to talk about the gastronomy of the area, for here the parcels and plots of land have reached a pinnacle of perfection in the production of produce from the land with their top-class asparagus, peppers, vegetables etc. which all contribute to the creation of dishes whose fame has spread beyond its frontiers.

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