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Route of the Dinosaurs

Routa of the Dinosaurs

The route will begin in Grávalos where we can get to know about the makings of sparkling wine and be able to tasted it.

We will head on to Igea to visit a fosilized coniferous tree 120 million years old.

Then following on to Cornago which is a small village close to the river Linares; there are stands an important medieval castle, of particular interest are the tightly, narrow streets.

Making a journey going back in time we will stop to visit the fossileed dinosaurs food prints in "Los Cayos" perfectly preserved.

Crossing the Sierra de Achena to arrive to Enciso where we will enjoy a traditional meal in a restaurant that used to be a flour factory.

We will finish the route with a visit to the Palaeontologist Centre; it is a short review about the Prehistory of these lands.

. Elaboration of the Sparkling Wine
. A Fossil Tree
. Castle of Cornago
. Footprints of Dinosaurs and
. Palaeontologist Centre

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