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Map of Malaga

Map of Malaga

Map Index for Malaga
Important Places Sights/shopping Dinning Out Nightlife Torremolinos (Inset)
1. Ship Landing
2. Fleet landing
3. Dockyard Main Gate
4. Local Buses
5. Local Train Station
6. Long Distance Train Station
7. Tourist Information office
8. Telefonica (Telephone) Center
9. Main Post Office
10. Bullring
11. Alcazabar
12. Cathedral
13. Gibralfaro
14. Museo de Bellas Artes
15. Museo Artes y Costumbres Populares

16. Marques de Larios (main street)
17. El Corte Ingles (department store)
23. El Mirador
24. McDonald's
25. Las Pampas
26. La Pergola
27. Red Parrot
28. Toro Azul
29. Palladium Discotheque
30. Piper's Discotheque
18. Sixth Fleet Center
19. Telefonica (Telephone) Center
20. Train Station
21. Post Office
22. Unicaja (currency exchange machine)

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