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The region of the Alpujarra casts a spell on the visitor, inviting to stay. The beauties of its landscapes, the silence of the valleys and the rich culture and traditions inherited from the Muslims have caught hundreds of tourists over the years. Many came for a short cist but ended up staying forever. Tens of little white villages, narrow, steppe cobbled streets give life to this privileged region placed on the hillside of Sierra Nevada. The mountains kept it isolated form the rest of the world for centuries and this yet-to –be explored place offers the opportunity to enjoy its peculiar celebrations, its complex Muslim past, its gastronomy and the hospitality of its unsophisticated people.

The Alpujarra, almost as an ethnologic museum, has an countless number of celebrations and customs like the “Muslims and Christians” of the “Burial of the Vixen”. Its rich folklore also includes a wide variety of musical cultures. Some traditions must be highlighted: the Mozarab Carols, la Danza Del Candil (The Dance of the Oil Lamp), Los Cantares de las Ánimas (The Songs of the Souls) and above all these, the “Trovo”, an improvised singing that demonstrates the creativeness and talents of the natives of these villages.

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