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Baza, the most beautiful city of the high plateau, has a rich nature and cultural heritage. The history of Hoya de Baza is very old. Ancient horno sapiens left their imprint and even some cultures were born here. Bastetanos were an Iberian community that lived in the fourth century b.c. They settled in these lands and founded a city named Basti that is now known as Baza.

Baza was an important trade center for Romans. It became most splendorous with Arabs, and became a Christian city in 4th December 1489. Nowadays, it is the commercial heart of all the area.

Among the numerous monuments, both religious and civil some of them outstand, like the collegiate church of Santa María de la Encarnación, Barrio de la Judería (Jewish Neighbourhood) and Arab Baths. The Natural Park of Sierra de Baza is a privileged region where rain is always present. This is why a forest of deciduous trees grows in it, making contrast with the pinewoods and holm- oak woods at its peaks and its skirts. El Cascamorras, the main feast of this city, is astonishing for visitors every year. It is held every September the 6th. “Cruces de mayo” (Crosses of May) is another important feast. There is also a prestigious International Festival of Music, and a Festival of Music and Popular Dance. Finally, we should note the exceptional gastronomy that can be enjoyed here.

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