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Granada Monuments

Alhambra - Generalife y Albayzin (UNESCO)
The Alhambra, Generalife and Albayzín quarter was declared in 1984 by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Real de la Alhambra s/n - Granada
Tlf: 958 22.09.12
The «Calat al-Hamra», which means «red castle», is universally considered as one of most attractively preserved Arab palaces. The Alhambra was built on the highest hill in the town, the Sabika as it was known in the Middle Ages.
* Palacios Nazaríes 10:00 -11.30
Nov-Feb 8:30 - 18:00

Paseo de las Adelfas s/n - Granada
Derived from Yannat al-Arif, its name can mean the «garden of the Architect» as well as «noble garden».

Arabic Fortress
Of forced visit they are the Arab strength, commanded to construct by Abu Abdallah Yusuf in century XIV upon a steep rock. Was constructed with concrete of lime and sand, and coarse stone and stonecutting for the towers.

Arabic Tower
Las Gabias
A fortress of the XIV century whose name was Gins Gaviar. This construction, with beautiful samples of nazarita decoration, has been declared National Monument.

Encarnacion church
Nailed right in the center of the town and declared National Artistic Monument. Was constructed in XVI century.

Roman Baptisterio
Las Gabias
The Roman baptistry is another one of the outstanding constructions, since, like the tower, has been declared National Monument. This Roman criptopórtico data of II or III century.

Roman Villes
This is a part of our territory crossed by rest of the Roman road that left from Ilíberis. In their surroundings and the depression of the Cubillas are located the rest of almost three Roman villas.

The Atalaya or Torreón
It is a tower watch of the nazarí time, constructed in the XIII century that lays out Elvira Mountain range and that comprised of the communication network that the Arabs constructed in all our geography. Its function was the monitoring.

The Fortress
It close conserves a good portion of the medieval interior of the city, the nazarí rain tank of three ships, and leaves from the nuclear building of the Fortress, that along with maintains in its interior a magnificent octogonal cupola.

Cathedral (Catedral)
Gran Vía de Colón 5 - Granada
Tlf: 958 22.29.59
Its construction began in 1518 in the centre of the old Muslim Medina, the work lasted two centuries. Originally it was to be a Gothic cathedral but Diego Siloé, who was put in charge of the construction in 1528 until his death (1563), introduced the Rena
Normal:10:45 - 13:30
15:30 - 18:30
* Sunday: 15:30-18.30
Abr-sep: 10.30-13.30/16:00-19:00
Sunday: 16:00-19:00

Monument to the Immaculate Conception
Plaza del Triunfo - Granada
The 17C monument devoted to the Immaculate Conception is found in the charming gardens del Triunfo. At the top of the column, the statue of the Virgin crowned and arrayed with rays is the work of Alonso de Mena.

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