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Find below useful information about Malaga airport, arrivals, departures and anything you may need to know when coming to Malaga.

Malaga airport departures

We provide a Malaga airport departures guide, including maps of two terminals, the information phone number and the companies that work in Malaga airport departures. You can find flights from Malaga to main airports in Europe through those companies.

  • Air Lingus
  • Air Berlin
  • Air Europa
  • Alitalia
  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • EasyJet
  • Flybe
  • Iberia
  • Jet2
  • Lufthansa
  • Monarch Airlines
  • Swiss
  • Thomsonfly
  • Transavia
  • Virgin
  • Vueling

Flights from Malaga:

  • Flights from Malaga to London Gatwick

  • Flights from Malaga to London Heathrow

  • Flights from Malaga to London Luton

  • Flights from Malaga to London Stansted

Malaga airport arrivals

You must know that in Malaga airport there are two terminals.
In terminal 1 come flights from out of europe countries and in the terminal 2 come national flights.
We also provide the information telephone number of Malaga airport and how to check arrivals on-line, for more detailed information take a look to our page of Malaga airport arrivals.

Flights to Malaga:

  • Flights to Malaga from London

Malaga airport shops and restaurants

If you are arriving at Malaga airport or you are departing from Malaga airport or you are just waiting someone, maybe you need a good restaurant or some shops to buy clothes, souvenirs, gifts or magazines. We provide you a comeplete list of Malaga airport shops and restaurants.

Bus from Malaga airport

You can get a bus from Malaga airport to Malaga city or Marbella. Also Malaga airport has a free bus that connect Malaga airport departures terminal and Malaga airport arrivals terminal.

If you want more information about the timetables and situation of the bus stop, check our page about Malaga airport buses.

Parking at Malaga airport

Please check out our page if you are interested in parking at Malaga airport . We recommend Auriga Crown, they offer good prices for short and long term parking with full insurance (indoor parking) besides you can pay for other extra services as car wash.

Car hire Malaga airport

If you are interested in rent a car for your holidays, you will find information about cheap car hire Malaga airport in our page of car hire at Malaga airport. For the best prices, and a great service, we recommend It is a reputable car hire company with more than 10 years experience.

Malaga airport taxi

If you prefer to get a Malaga airport taxi instead of hiring a car, you can visit our taxi section, where you can make your transfer reservation.

Train from Malaga airport

Malaga airport train has two lines, one of them goes to Malaga city, and the other one goes to Fuengirola city.

Malaga airport information

Check the next website for information about Malaga airport.

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Malaga airport information
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