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Zaragoza Natural Parks

Nature Reserve of the Monasterio de Piedra
The Nature Reserve surrounding the Monastery, is located in the middle of a desert, in an arid and dry environment, traversed by the river Piedra, which favours the existence of abundant vegetation and a rich fauna within a small ecosystem.

Access: From Nuévalos, from which the Monastery is 2 kilometres away.

Natural Reserve of the Moncayo Meadows

Within its 1.399 hectares of extension, the Natural Reserve of the Moncayo Meadows houses the Moncayo peak, the highest one in the entire Iberian Mountain Range, at 2.316 metres above sea level, and under which an entire vegetable and animal range of species thrives, ordered according to the different bioclimatic levels.

Regardless of the Reserve’s natural values, the first thing to draw one’s attention is the beauty of its landscape, brought about by the thickness and variety of its forests, as well as the abundance of streams and springs, originating from the snow at its peak.

The surface of the Natural Reserve lies within the municipal limits of Tarazona, Los Fayos, Torrellas, Santa Cruz del Moncayo, San Martín de la Virgen del Moncayo, Litago ,Lituénigo , Trasmoz, Vera de Moncayo, Añón, Bulbuente, Ambel, Talamantes, Grisel, Agramonte, Beratón, Purujosa and Calcena.

The most outstanding feature of this ensemble is that at a distance one may appreciate the vegetation layering of the hillsides of the Moncayo, where each species’ adaptation to varying conditions of soil and climate differs, simultaneously giving rise to an enormously diverse and varied fauna inhabiting the different vegetation stages.

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