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Aviles information

Avilés is the third largest city of Asturias. An old sea-faring and country town, Avilés is now a modern city, fruit of dramatic demographic growth and a great industrial take off turning into a metallurgical center of the first magnitude. At the same time the old town has been declared a Historic-Artistic-Monumental site where there are important examples of civil and religious architecture.

The top attractions are the pedestrian streets of Galiana and Rivero, Plaza de España with its City Hall, the old church of Sabugo, from the 13th century, and the modern Santo Tomás de Canterbury.

Surface: 25 square km
Altitude: 8 m
Km to Oviedo: 29
Num. inhabitants: 85681

The most important town development in the history of Avilés took place in 1950 due to the settlement of many industries, being the most spectacular the industry of Ensidesa (today Aceralia).During the continuous development of the industrial city in the following years surprisily the town centre remained untouched until 1965.

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