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Gran Canaria Gastronomy

Gran Canaria is worldwide known for its excellent climate, its magnificent beaches and its astonishing landscape.

However in the inland it keeps some treasures yet undiscovered for the visitor and are related to their inhabitants, their culture and their way of life.

Among them, its gastronomy has been ellaborated along several centuries with excellent raw materials (meat, fish, fruits and vegetables) combined in original and tasty recipes.

Thus, we invite you to make a trip trying some of the traditional dishes of Gran Canaria, starting by the “Enyesques” (snacks) among which we can find famous "Papas Arrugadas" (small potatoes boiled in their jackets), "Ropa Vieja" (type of casserole) or "Carajacas" (filleted liver). This can be followed by first courses such as “Fish Soup” or “Watercress Soup”. And the second courses can be composed of meat like “Salmorejo Rabbit”, or fishes like “Sea Bream Casserole”.

To end with we invite you sweeten your palate with any of the desserts like “Bienmesabe” (very sweet almond paste) or “Yolk Mass”.

All this can go well accompanied with a good wine with O.D. “Gran Canaria” or “Monte Lentiscal”.

With the recipes that we offer you here, you can try and cook some of these dishes at home, but really the best idea is to give yourself some holidays in Gran Canaria and enjoy our flavours in the restaurants that you will find in any spot of this island.

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