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Gran Canaria Museums

Casa de Colón
Telephone: 0034 928 312 373

Architectural complex, including what was originally the Island Governors’ House, now over five hundred years old. The rooms of the museum are mainly devoted to the New World and the role played by the Canary Islands in its Discovery. Paintings from the fifteenth and sixteeenth centuries and works on loan from the Prado Art gallery in Madrid. Christopher Columbus House contains a museum and an area of scientific studies, in addition to a library that specialises in the history of America and Atlantic relations. Every two years, Columbus House hosts a Colloquium on Canarian-American History, which is attended by researchers from all over the world. Columbus House also presents seminars, conferences and courses, while also awarding prizes for research.

Casa Museo Pérez Galdós
Telephone: 928 366 976/373745

Museum installed in the house where the writer Benito Pérez Galdós was born and lived until the year 1862. The exhibition rooms display part of the furniture from the Galdós family houses in Madrid and Santander, as well as the Gran Canaria writer’s library, archives and personal possessions. Quite apart from the sentimental value that this house enjoys, it is also one of the houses that is most representative of 18th century Canarian architecture.

Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno
Telephone: 0034 902 311 824

The scope of the centre´s research and analysis is focused on the creative processes of the 20th century, with special emphasis on the interpretation of historical avant-garde movements and the most contemporary manifestations of art. To this end, the centre holds a continuous succession of temporary exhibitions, either on its own or in collaboration with the main art centre of the world. These exhibitions cover the essential trends and artists of 20th century art. In addition, the centre continues to expand its own collection of culturally important artistic works, drawing on the artists ouput of the Canary Islands, as well as the works of recognised Spanish and international artists. The centre also has a programme of courses, conferences and seminars, which are presented in parallel with each exhibition.

Museo Canario
Telephone: 0034 928 336 800

This scientific and cultural institution was founded in 1879 as a place where archaeological and ethnographical collections and materials, as well as artistic creations, are preserved, studied and exhibited. The museum also has a library and archive that specialise in matters relating to the Canaries. Right from its creation, the museum was conceived as a society that would promote the development of the sciences, the humanities and the arts, placing special emphasis on matters that are linked to the Canaries. At the outset, the museum contained only the collections and objects that were donated by Dr. Chil, as well as the other founders and friends of the society, but these were supplemented in two ways: firstly, through archaeological excursions and, secondly, through the acceptance of donations and the acquisition of objects. From 1944, the museum was incorporated into the High Council of Scientific Research and from 1984 it modernised and specialised its contents, focusing mainly on archaeological resources that relate to the pre-Hispanic cultures of the Canary Islands. The collections, as well as the archaeological, library and documentary resources of the museum, constitute an obligatory point of reference for all those who research and study the culture of the Canary Islands, as well as anybody who may be curious about any aspect of Canarian culture. It is justifiably the biggest centre that is specialised in the archipelago.

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