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Albacete Castles

Castle of Almansa
The fortress of Mori originally constituted one of the key Islamic military enclaves, built to reinforce the northern frontier of Arab Spain
The jutting form of the rock rising from the plain and dominating the town made possible the construction of a rock castle of the Gran Bogus type-long and narrow to adapt to the Vermin,
The principal tower stands out clearly, joined a narrow platform terminating in two big towers . Another line of walls below; including a large tower with turrets and its corners, completed the defenses at the site.
The Templars were the first o capture Almansa from
whom it later passed to the crown. The castle was besieged
by the troops of Henry III during the wars of the Reconquest.
During the Wars of Succession in the eighteenth
century, Almansa was the scene of Philip V's victory over
the Austrian pretender
The castle has recently been restored and its original battlements have been rebuilt

The castle of Peñas de San Pedro
The castle is an impressive rock plateau, that vertically rises almost one hundred meters from its base, and almost two hundred on the plain, solely accessible by a walled way located in its South side. All the area is walled and in the interior of the enclosure there are ruins of old constructions.
During the Reconquest the castle was receiving more importance when the border between Castile and the Muslims kingdoms was approaching to this area. At around 1216-1217 the casttle was fleetingly occupied by the Castilian troops, but approximately one year later the captain Muhammad ibn Yusuf ibn Hud al-Yudami (who was the first king of Murcia some years after), at the head of 500 men captured the castle by surprise, climbing at night the steep rock and the wall, killing to the Castilian sentry and forcing to surrender to the defenders after setting fire to the door of the tower in which they had looked for refuge.

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