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Albacete Gastronomy

Peñas de San Pedro shares the gastronomy of the province of Albacete, and as it happens with its geography, also we can find plates from La Sierra (the mountain range) and other typically from La Mancha.

A very common dish in the Peñas' homes is the "Gazpachos Manchegos", which no relation with the very known Andalusian "gazpacho". "Gazpacho manchego" (we can ear to call it as in singular as in plural) was a recipe of shepherds and hunters. Its base is the "torta de gazpacho", a kind of cake made with wheat flour and water without leavening. In Peñas de San Pedro the cake is a little different of the one used in the towns of Mancha.

"Gazpacho manchego" is a course cooked to the fire, eaten with spoon, and that in addition to cake has fried tomato (just as the one that it is used to cook a rice with rabbit for example) and meat, which may be hunted (hare, partridge), or domestic (chicken and/or rabbit).

The cooking is similar to the one of Spanish rice: some tomato is fried with some tooth of garlic, the meat is fried and later is boiled with the fried tomato during the necessary time to mix the flavours, and then the "torta de gazpacho" is added after breaking it in pieces, and it cooks approximately during 15 more minutes, until it is soft. If we added some thyme and rosemary as spice the flavour is magnificent.

We can cook "gazpacho manchego" with more or less broth, according to the preferences of everyone. Formerly the shepherds prepared it in the country practically without broth and instead of throwing it in a plate they ate it over another "torta de gazpacho".

Another typical dish of Albacete is "atascaburras " that in spite of its name (it means clogging-donkeys, probably the muleteers cooked it the first time) is a delicious plate that is typical to prepare in Peñas the first snowy day during the winter.

It is very easy to cook. The ingredients are some potatoes (or pre-cooked mashed potatoes), some salt codfish, one or two eggs and some virgin olive oil.

The codfish, that has been left to soak the night previous , is cooked, and later crumbled (when it is cool, if we do not want to burn ourselves) and reserved. Then we cook the potatoes or prepare pre-cooked mashed potatoes using the water used to cook the codfish, preparing a thick mashed potatoes.

Finally, we add the crumbled codfish to the mashed potatoes, a good olive oil spurt and the hard egg cut in small pieces.

The day of the pig killing the food which is cooked in Peñas for all the family, neighbors and friends are different of the one which is prepared in La Mancha's towns. In Peñas they cook the "ajo de mataero", a course with some bread, lard and liver of pig, and usually some pinions. It is similar to a kind of pâté, with a lot of energy for people who this day is working in the street (or courtyards) from the morning in the first days of the winter.

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