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Ciudad Real Gastronomy

Ciudad Real's cuisine was originally what is known as survival food. However, today that tradition has transformed into a fare that is a true pleasure for the senses, full of flavour.

That should not be surprising, since this region was the setting for the best-read book ever after the Bible: Cervante's Don Quixote.

Ciudad Real's cuisine does not take a lot of work, a characteristic it shares with other towns that are devoted to grazing and agriculture as their main industry. Rabbit stew, atascaburras (cod and potato stew), hartatunos (fried potatoes and peppers), fried eggs with ham and sausage, andrajos (cod and clam) and fried breadcrumbs are some of the best dishes, as well as eggs a la porreta (scrambled) and alboronía (vegetable stew), made with the excellent aubergine from Almagro. These are quick, rich, delicious specialities. Game meats are also plentiful and good, like venison, wild boar, rabbit, hare and specially red-legged partridge. They are prepared using traditional recipes like rabbit with tomatoes, hare with rice and partridge hotpot.

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