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Toledo Castles

Almonacid Castle
Castle of Arab origin, given by Alfonso VI to the cathedral of Toledo. It was reformed by the archbishop Tenorio, at the end of XIV century, and bought by the counts of Mora during XVIII century. In 1809, the troops of general Venegas refugeed there, during the War of the Independence. Nowadays it is still a private propierty.

Castle built by Saint John Knights, between XII and XIII centuries. The town of Consuegra was given in 1090 to Alfonso VI by the king Al-Motamid of Sevilla, on 15th August 1097 it took place a battle there, where Almoravids defeated Castilians and took the town. It was recovered again on XII century, being given the St. John Knights by Alfonso VII.

Castle of mudéjar style. Rebuilt by Alvaro de Luna (Comstable of Castile) at XV century, over a previous (VIII century) castle. It was plundered by French troops during the War of the Independence (1808-1814). Nowadays, it is being restored.

Built at XV century by D. Pedro López de Ayala (after 1470 Count of Fuensalida). It was restored at 1887 by the Count of El Asalto, plundered at 1936 (during the Civil War) and restored again.

El Alcázar
XVI century. It belongs to the Spanish Army. It was partially destroyed during the Civil War (1936): the militaries of the garrison joined the rebellion, and defended the building heroically against the republican troops, converting the Alcázar in a symbol of the Nationalist side and the posterior Franquist regime. It was rebuilt between 1940 and 1965, and it is planned to be used as Museum of the Army.

Castle of San Servando
Castle of the end of XIV century (about 1380), built by the archbishop don Pedro Tenorio, over previous constructions. Rebuilt in 1945, it lodges now a student residence. Th city of Toledo has been declared World Heritage Site.

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