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Lleida Natural Parks

The National Park of Aigüestortes and the lake of Sant Maurici
Located in the heart of the Pyrenees, this is the most genuine representation of mountainous area. Owing to its majestic landscapes and views, and to the varied flora and fauna which dwell within its borders, this is a unique spot. Centennial woods of firtrees and black pine tree are scattered about the park, which encloses nearly 200 mountain lakes; this is the dwelling of the wild goat, the capercaillie, the marmot and the mythic bearded vulture, also known as lammergeier.
For those visitors interested in becoming better acquainted with the park, the best excursions are El Camí dels Enamorats (The Lovers' Path), La Roca de la Cremada, along L'Estany Llong, and the lake of Sant Maurici, through the vantage point and Amitges. At the National Park of Aigüestortes, it is possible to observe glacial phenomenons, such as the U-shaped valleys and the mountain lakes. The landscape encloses alpine pastures, meadows and screes, and the lowest walls of the area are covered by wood of firtrees and pinetrees. Some of the summits within the park are almost 3,000 mt-high.

The Natural Park of Cadí-Moixeró
Vultures and golden eagles gaze at visitors in this natural park; with over 40,000 hectares, it is Catalonia's largest park. Silence seems to protect the capercaillie and the newt of the Pyrenees; these being perhaps the last specimens, who clutch at this huge natural monument, which is a combination of wood, massif and rock. This is nature in its purest state. In the Prepyrenees, particularly impressive are the Cadí mountain range, the Pedraforca massif and the fodder plant extensions of Puigllançada.

The Mont-rebei Canyon
This is the natural bordering passage separating Catalonia and Aragon. It allows travellers to cross the Montsec mountain range, among spectacular views of astounding beauty. It should be mentioned that Mont-rebei is a privileged bird reserve. Once we reach the beginning of the gorge, the magnificent view of a path digged in the rock and suspended over thirty metres is revealed to our eyes.

La Val d'Aran and other treasures.
Upon reaching La Val d'Aran, the traveller enters a different world; this region has its own language, a colourful nature, the particular shape of the houses... Their atlantic influence reminds us of the French border. The huge extensions of nature surround the villages, which each other dishinfnish from the height of the Pyrenees their belfries. In this landscape in which stone, snow and the sky are so prominent, lakes play a major role, and they are the meeting point of the rocks and the firtrees. Among all the remaining natural spaces of the lands of Lleida, we ought to mention La Serra de Boumort, Les Valls d'Àneu and La Vall de Lord, in El Solsonès; all of them display their breathtaking treasures.

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