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Segovia Gastronomy

Although this city is known for its religious and cultural heritage, there is another side to Segovia that some don't see. As in other parts of Spain, Segovia is famous for its love of the pig, cooked in a million ways. Roast suckling pig, cochinillo, is a delicacy in Segovia. Fish, cured pork, and cold sausages are a few more of the common ingredients that you will find in Segovian dishes. There is a wonderful variety of cheeses using sheep, goat, and the traditional cows milk. A major part of Segovian gastronomy is the use of mushrooms in dishes. Segovia is known for Black Truffles, and has one of the most highly regarded regions in Spain for its gastronomy. There are the usual array of oddities, such as frog legs, escargot, dried beef, horse-meat, etc that will appear on the menus and are worth a try if you dare.

There is a deep-rooted wine tradition in Castilla y Leon, which dates back literally centuries. There are a variety of grapes that are cultivated along the Duero river, but the only ones allowed in the prestigious Ribera del Duero appellation are Tempranillo (called Tinta del Pais locally, red), and Albillo (a neutral white grape long out of fashion). In the other wine regions such as Rueda and Toro, Tinta del Pais is grown along with Verdejo, Mencia, and Preito Picudo grape varieties. The climate is very dry and windy with cold winters creating a sound environment for Tempranillo and other local grape varieties. Aromatic, very fruity red wines are the main success of this area.


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