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Segovia Holy Week

One of the most spectacular events is the procession of the Vía Crucis Penitencial, in the convent where the poet Fray Juan de Yepes went in search of the sonorous solitude of God.

The procession is open to all kinds of interpretations, as it also carries the dead body of Christ to the la Vista del Alcázar, the city wall and the cathedral.

Among the Segovian processional works of art, one of the oldest is the float of el Cristo de los Gascones which takes part in the Vía Crucis procession in the el Salvador district on the Thursday. On the Friday the Procesión del Santo Entierro goes from the Zamarramala district to la Vera Cruz. When it approaches los Templarios it meets los Caballeros de la Orden de Malta (the Knights of the Order of Malta), owners of the historical church where they will have been on a vigil. Inside the temple, built in the Romantic period, Santo Oficio (Holy Office) is held. The participants then return to Zamarramala where they sing the Salve Dolorosa (Sorrowful Hymn) and hear the Sermón de la Soledad (Sermon of Solitude). These events are a recreation of the ceremonies attended in the 12th century by the knights of the Soberana y Militar Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Jerusalén de Rodas y Malta.

On Friday in the Plaza de Santa Eulalia, the Sermón de las Siete Palabras and the Vía Crucis Penitencial are held, and in the afternoon there is a meeting of fraternity members for the Procesión de los Pasos, a procession of some ten floats which finishes at the emblematic Roman aqueduct. The Misa de Resurrección on Saturday in the Hieronymite monastery of El Parral is also recommended.

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