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Badajoz Gastronomy

Extremadura´s cuisine has influences both from Andalusia and Castile. It is a rich and varied gastronomy full of vegetables, game and many meats. Typical foods include spicy chorizo sausage, pata negra ham (finest quality jamón), gazpacho extremeño (soup), stews and various game dishes. Among the sweets are nevaditos (sugar coated cakes), almond cakes and biscuits. The best wines produced in the region come from Montanchez and from Tierra de Barros.

Badajoz gastronomy is really appreciated by all the visitors for how natural and varied its products are. The cooks of restaurants and taverns in Badajoz use products from hunting, hams, cured loin of pork and other cold meats, lamb meats, river fish, vegetables, wines, oils, etc., without lacking good homemade candies and excellent liquors in their specialised establishments.

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