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A Coruña Gastronomy

The cuisine of La Coruña brings together the best of the coast and the interior. From the coast comes excellent seafood: small crabs, barnacles, spider crabs, Norway lobster, etc. Succulent recipes based on fish are also cooked, such as angler fish stew, Galician-style hake (with onion, garlic and carrot) or griddled sole.

Pasties serve as a transition to the interior as they can be made either with fish and shellfish or with meat. As for meat, pork can be used to make the famous pork shoulder with parsnip tops, while Galician beef is protected with a Denomination of Origin.

Any of the magnificent Galician wines that have a Denomination of Origin (Monterrei, Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro, Rías Baixas and Valdeorras) can be used to accompany these dishes. And, for dessert, there is the famous Santiago cake (with almonds, sugar and flour).

Because the coastline of the province of A Coruña is so vast, the local food mainly consists of seafood. The list of fish and shellfish is very long, each item of excellent quality.
Fish and seafood are the staple in the local recipes, most of which are simple and keep the natural flavour of the ingredients. Local produce and meats, specially beef and pork, are also an important part of the culinary tradition, which manages to combine popular recipes with the more elaborate and aristocratic recipes from cities like A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Ferrol.

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