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Lugo Natural Spaces

Terras do Miño Biosphere Reserve
The islands of Miño, located within the river course, have luxuriant forests and inland pools, with important aquatic flora and fauna. The upper Miño River marks the boundaries of a vast territory known as Terras do Miño. Declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2002, this territory reflects the perfect integration between traditional rural villages and important Atlantic ecosystems.

Terras do Miño takes up an extensive strip of land in the central-northern part of Lugo, by the upper basin of the Miño River. The 26 municipalities included in this region have a long farming and cattle-raising tradition. Together, they take up a third of the total surface area of the province. From its source, the Miño River crosses a landscape formed by mountains and valleys, where pastures and farmlands share the centre stage with very valuable natural habitats. The importance of the typical fragas (oceanic forests) must be mentioned, which contain wetland species such as oak, chestnut, holly and birch. The Miño River has also rendered insuas (islands) along its watercourse. These are natural spaces of great beauty, where a rich variety of aquatic flora and fauna developed. The most striking element in these secluded spots is a number of small lake-ecosystems that are hidden underneath the lush riverside vegetation and that constitute strictly protected areas in the reserve. In addition to their importance from an environmental point of view, the abundant rivers that drain Terras do Miño are responsible for making this region the water supply for the whole province. The recent declaration of this area as a Biosphere Reserve will allow a sustainable social-economic development, while helping in the conservation of its natural resources and habitats.

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