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Formentera Hotels

H**** Formentera Playa
Platja de Migjorn
Telf. 971328000/01
Fax: 971328035

H* Ca Mari
Platja de Migjorn
Telf. 971328180/328283
Fax: 971328229

HS** Casbah Migjorn

Platja de Migjorn
Telf. 971322051-322595
Fax: 971322595

HS* Santi

Platja de Migjorn
Telf. 971328375
Fax: 971328937

HS* Costa Azul

Platja de Migjorn
Telf. 971328024
Fax: 971328994

H*** Cala Saona

Cala Saona
Telf. 971322030
Fax: 971322509

HS*** Bellavista

La Savina
Telf. 971322236
Fax: 971322672

HS* La Sabina

Avda. Mediterranea, nº 22-40
Telf. 971322279
Fax: 971322279

HS* Lago Dorado

Can Juan Masia, La Savina
Telf. 971322267
Fax: 971322267

HS* Bahia

Port de La Savina
Telf. 971322142 Fax: 971322380

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