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Ibiza Sports

Sport in Ibiza invariably has some sort of nautical aspect. Apart from beaches, sun and recreation, the Mediterranean waters that lap its shores also provide an exceptional opportunity for sporting activity. All types of rowing and sailing are practised here, while the visitor has all manner of specialized facilities for swimming and diving within easy reach.

Sailing buffs would be well advised to turn up around Holy Week, when the Ruta de la Sal regatta is under way. A large number of marinas strategically located around the island enable anyone with a boat to make the most of the local waters.

For golf fans, at present, Ibiza has just one 27-hole course at Roca Llisa. Most hotels offer guests a wide range of sporting activities including cycling and mountain bikes. Ibiza's is particularly well suited for cyclists and many of its roads have special lanes or wide hard shoulders set aside for bicycle traffic where the cyclist can pedal away in perfect ease.

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