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Badajoz Information

Of the 41,602 km2 Extremadura occupies, 21,657 belong to the province of Badajoz, which credits it as the most extensive in all Spain, being Cáceres the second largest province in the country. Bordering on the north with the mentioned Cáceres, on the south with Andalucía (the provinces of Córdoba, Sevilla and Huelva), east with the lands of Castilla La Mancha, and on the west with the neighboring lands of Alentejo in Portugal.

The climate, the same as in almost the whole region, is mediterranean in general, although influenced by the ocean and some characteristics of continental type. This warm temperate climate has annual average temperature over 16ºC or l7ºC. With regard to rain, the lands of Badajoz are located in an area of climatic transition, raining mostly in spring and autumn.

The most important towns in this province are Badajoz -the city with more inhabitants in Extremadura- and Merida, capital of the Autonomous Region. Some other big agricultural and cattle towns are: Almendralejo, D.Benito, Villanueva de La Serena , Montijo, Azuaga, Zafra, Jérez de los Caballeros, Fregenal de La Sierra, Olivenza, Castuera, etc.


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