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Gran Canaria City

When driving just a few hours, you pass through no less than four different climatic zones on Gran Canaria. While there is snow in the mountains, you can swim at the beach or sweat in the desert. Volcanoes, craters, waterfalls, mountains, pine woods, palm groves, beautiful sandy beaches and deserted plains. You find it all on Gran Canaria; so not surprisingly, the island has been the home of tourists for more than 1000 years - in case you should believe the theories saying that Vikings from Norway and Denmark were the first “tourists” on the island. Another well-known tourist was Christopher Columbus, who called by Gran Canaria in 1492. But he was on his way elsewhere, as we all know.

Apart from its varied nature, Gran Canaria also possesses a rich cultural life, which you meet in the many museums, galleries and theatres. You will also find many testimonies from the island’s chequered history, not least in the narrow streets and on the small squares of Vegueta, the old town in Las Palmas, where you still find an atmosphere dating back to colonial times.

If you bring your children to Gran Canaria, take them to a parrot show in Palmitos Park, spend a day at a crocodile show or participate in exciting experiments at the technological museum, Museo Elder. After visiting Gran Canaria, you as well as your children will clearly understand why the original inhabitants of the island called it Island of Bliss.

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