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Guadalajara City

Major attractions are the Mudejar style church Santa Maria la Mayor, the 15th century palace Duque del Infantado, the Moorish town-walls and bridge over Henares river, from 10th century. In the province of Guadalajara the medieval town Siguenza, with its great fortress and cathedral, is worth a visit.

Guadalajara is an arab name which means “river of stones”. Fernando I won the city to the arabs in 1050, still the definitive reconquest of Guadalajara took place during the mandate of Alfonso VI, who entered the city through the door “Puerta de la Feria”. Just a few small parts of its city-wall still remain: none of its entrance doors, and just one defensive tower, that of the door “Puerta del Cristo de la Feria”.

Guadalajara was, for a long time, the place where the Mendoza family lived. The palace is dated from this period. During the 18th century a Royal Cloth Factory was created, but later it was occupied by a Military Engineering Academy and, nearby a College of War Orphans, still, none of these still remain. During the modern age, Guadalajara was enriched with many foundations and monuments

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