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Balearic Islands Maps


The furthest distance that can be travelled on this island of 581,564 inhabitants and covering an area of some 3,640 km2 is 120 km, which is the distance between Puerto de San Telm and Formentor lighthouse at Cape Formentor.

Menorca, with a population of 62,000, is a bright and radiant island bathed by the magnificent Mediterranean sun, which reflects the dazzling whiteness of the whitewashed houses.

The green countryside, the blue sea and sky, and the white of the buildings are the three main colours that go to form the island of Menorca.


Ibiza became important enough for its capital to be allowed into a federation with Rome, enjoying a certain degree of autonomy that gradually eroded away. By the time Ebusus was fully incorporated as a Roman colony in the year 74 AD, the last traces of Carthaginian structures had all but disappeared. The 3rd century AD was a low point for an empire in decline but again, its commanding position astride the trade routes of the western Mediterranean kept Ibiza going as a strategic commercial center. Then came the Vandals in 455 AD and 80 years later, the armies of Byzantium, to conquer the Balearics. For this period, details of what specifically was going on in Ibiza are scarce.

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Balearic Islands Maps

Balearic Islands Maps
Ibiza Map
Mallorca Map
Menorca Map



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