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The Alcarria Route (II)

Tarancón - Segóbriga - Uclés - Carrascosa del Campo - Huete - Buendía

An important city, interesting old part of town with Renaissance church and altarpiece from the 16th century. Arch of the Malena. Palace of the Duke of Riánsares. The House of the Countess, the Convent of the Franciscans (17th century). The Hermitage of Riánsares in a beautiful natural spot, the object of two annual pilgrimages (28 January and 15 August).

Important site of Ibero-Roman ruins (theatre, amphitheatre, thermal baths, necropolis). Each spring, the Greek-Latin Theatre Festival takes place in the theatre here.

Historically-important town. Remains of what was once a powerful and famous castle located on a hilltop. Convent, principal house of the Order of Santiago (17th century), built at the beginning of the reign of Felipe II.

Carrascosa del Campo
Church of the Natividad (15th-16th centuries).

Oldest city in the province, with a rich collection of buildings. Popular festivals of San Juan and Santa Quiteria, of ethnographic interest. Church and Convent of Jesús y María. The convent´s cloister is worth noting. Convent and Church of Los Mercedarios (18th century). Church of Los Jesuitas, with an impressive Baroque facade. The Palace of the Count of Garcinarro, the Houses of Los Linajes and the House of Los Amoraga. Huge stonework houses like El Pósito, with an "adintelada" door and the Clock Tower of the old town hall.

Medieval town on the banks of the reservoir of the same name.

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