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Madrid golf information

Campo de Golf Los Pinos

Don Francisco Javier Cubillo Alonso Esteña, S.L.
C/ Orense, 16, 6ºD
Tel. 91 891 06 51
Fax 91 8910781

Campo Golf Base Aerea Torrejón

The course has 18 holes, and a stream running through it. Numerous trees border the fairways which are not too narrow, so the course is not too difficult except for the water hazards that affect some fairways, such on the 3rd and 4th.

Campo Golf Base Aerea Torrejón
Base Aerea de Torrejón - Edificio 770
Torrejón de Ardoz 28850
Tel. 91 665 37 10
Fax 91 675 69 35

Centro Deportivo Barberan

A 9-hole course lined with trees all the way along. The terrain is quite flat and the main hazard is the abundant vegetation. The course is long and not very hilly. It is worth mentioning the 8th hole, a par-3, which is 200m long. The course is suitable for players of all handicaps.

Cuatro Vientos 28024
Tel. 91 509 11 40
Fax 91 509 00 61

Club de Campo Villa de Madrid

Founded in 1929, it is considered to be one of the best golf courses in Spain.
Situated at Km 2 on the Carretera de Castilla road, i.e. almost in the city itself. Covering nearly 200 hectares, it is one of the biggest sports complexes in Europe and possibly the world.

Carretera de Castilla, km. 2
Tel. 91 550 20 10
Fax 91 307 06 29

Club de Campo y Deportes Golf Scratch

A demanding 9-hole course, planted with grass from tee to green, no player will miss the drive as the shots call for concentration.
The fairways are well preserved and the greens are fast, and no putter is quite good enough.

There aren´t many water hazards, except for a small lake at the end of the 1st hole, and many of the fairways are bordered by numerous trees. It is suitable for handicap players and is an ideal place to play golf.

Antigua Autovía Madrid - Burgos, km. 19
San Sebastián de los Reyes 28700
Telf.: +34916637032
Fax.: +34916639962

Club de Golf de Somosaguas

There are numerous improvements currently taking place at the Somosaguas Golf Course. It is a 9-hole couse. The only water hazard, a small pond, is on the 4th hole. The fairways are reasonably wide, so the course does not present any great difficulties. The course offers varying playing conditions for players of all handicaps.

Avda. La Cabaña, s/n.
Pozuelo de Alarcón 28223
Tel. 91 352 16 47/48
Fax 91 352 00 30

Club de Golf Encinar

A 9-hole country course with little vegetation. The round is flat and presents few difficulties and this makes it ideal for players of all kinds. It has a big lake and the greens are protected by bunkers.

Club de Golf Encinar
Urbanización del Encinar del Alberche
Villa del Prado 28630
Tel. 91 867 45 16
Fax 908 233872

Club de Golf Lomas-Bosque

This course, located next to the sea, has undergone many changes over the years, and is now an 18-hole course. Wide fairways and small greens are the dominant feature. The most recent changes involved building 9 more holes, a path under the railway to make the course more accessible, and four lakes. An automatic watering system was also installed. The course is considered a great golfers´ school.

c/ Guadiana 10 Urb. El Bosque Apartado 51
Villaviciosa de Odón 28670
Tel. 91 616 75 00
Fax 91 616 73 93

Club de Golf Olivar de la Hinojosa

This course has 18 holes, and is 6300 metres long, with a very varied design making it necessary for the player to use all the clubs. The water hazards, the trees and the sand hazards provide beauty and encouragement to the golfer during the game. The long course runs over narrow and hilly fairways. The small greens present both a challenge and an opportunity for a birdie if you hit the right kind of shots. All the holes have several tees to enable players of all levels to enjoy them. The most impressive spot on the course is on the 9th and 18th which are surrounded by a big lake and converge on a single green.

Avda de Dublín, s/n Campo de las Naciones
Tel. 91 721 18 89
Fax 91 721 06 61

Club Jarama R.A.C.E.

The sports complex is next to La Jarama racetrack, which has hosted numerous motor races. The golf course is in a wood of evergreen oaks, typical vegetation of the North of Madrid. There are also several pine trees planted on parts of the course, surrounding the fairways and at the end of several of the greens and tees. The greens are planted with Penncross. The layout avoids the unevenness of the ground, there are evergreen oaks on the fairways and the greens are large and well protected and the course has 59 sand-bunkers.

Ctra. de Burgos, km. 28,100 Urb. Cuidalcampo
San Sebastián de los Reyes 28707
Tel. 91 657 00 11
Fax 91 657 04 62

Club Valdeláguila

On this course you have to avoid several hazards such as natural cliffs or the numerous trees lining the fairways. Its 9 holes are located on uneven ground. Pine trees and evergreen oaks border the fairways, and the main water hazard is a lake on the 8th hole. The layout of the first holes is basically straight with no more difficulties than several evergreen oaks on the fairways. The 6th and 7th holes are worth mentioning for their natural beauty. To sum up, the course is very pleasant and fun, and is suitable for players of all handicaps.

Apartado 9 Urbanización Valdeláguila
Alcalá de Henares
Tel. 91 885 96 59
Fax 91 885 96 59

Golf La Dehesa

Perhaps the most important feature of this course are the large greens and the shape and quality of the bunkers. The layout of the course can be divided into two perfectly distinct areas. The first 9 holes are considered to be very technical. The beauty of the last nine holes comes from the way they blend into the lowest part of valley, parallel to a river, making this an ideal place to enjoy golf. Beautiful surroundings, peace and quiet, and a top quality course.

Avda. Universidad, 2
Villanueva de la Cañada 28691
Tel. 91 815 70 2237
Fax 91 815 54 68

Golf La Moraleja

Madrid-Burgos road, km 8.5. In La Moraleja.

Paseo Marquesa Viuda de Aldama, 50 Ctra. Madrid-Burgos, km. 8.500
Alcobendas 28109
Tel. 91 650 07 00
Fax 91 650 43 31

Golf La Moraleja II

The course is 6326 metres from the professionals´ tees. Designed by Jack Nicklaus´ company, Golden Bear Design Associates. This was the first golf course in Spain with an amphitheatre, which allows many spectators to enjoy major competitions in comfort. The hillsides that border its fairways and greens are large, and people can see the game from many holes. This course is larger than La Moraleja I, and has three big lakes, and is American in style. The 16th hole is particularly attractive; the green is on a peninsula, and it both incites and intimidates the player who wants to reach the green in only two shots.

Avda. Marquesa Viuda de Aldama, 50 Ctra. Madrid-Burgos, km. 8.500
Alcobendas 28109
Tel. 91 650 53 80
Fax 91 650 43 31

Golf Los Retamares

The “Club de Golf Los Retamares” consists of an 18-hole round with a par of 72 where both beginners and the most experienced players will have the opportunity to use all of their clubs.
The course is situated to the north-west of Madrid and is just 30 kilometres from the city centre. It is easy to get to and lies between the towns of Algete and Alalpardo. It’s a great place to improve your quality game thanks to the fantastic facilities and the sheer size of the course.

Ctra. Algete-Alalpardo, km. 2,300
Valdeolmos 28130
Tel. 91 620 25 40/58
Fax 91 620 26 41

La Herrería Club de Golf

The design of the course divides it into two parts: the south, with thick oak groves bordering the fairways and protecting the greens, and the north, rather more open and overlooking the plain descending to the Central Meseta.

You will need to use all of your clubs. The 12th hole, a par-4, is one of the easiest and the 2nd, a par-5, is one of the most difficult of the course, and is also very unusual, since it calls for a blind second shot with a dogleg to the right of almost 90 degrees, and calls for high approach shots.

Ctra. de Robledo de Chavela, s/n.
San Lorenzo de El Escorial 28200
Tel. 91 890 52 44
Fax 91 890 71 54

Las Encinas de Boadilla

A 9-hole par-3 course, not particularly long. Ideal for golfers who want to improve their short game. The greatest difficulty lies in the approaches and the pars. Experienced golfers will find it easy. Players will enjoy the game as well as the natural surroundings. The course has been laid out on flat terrain, without any significant slopes. Non-members can only play from Tuesday to Friday.

Ctra. Boadilla-Pozuelo, km. 1,4
Boadilla del Monte 28660
Tel. 91 632 26 91
Fax 91 633 18 99

Nuevo Club de Golf de Madrid

The course has several slopes along the length of the round. The greens are not very big or steep and the ground is uneven, but not excessively, with few water hazards and several bunkers. Some dips and curves threaten the drive on some holes. It is a pleasant and varied course so it´s worth playing many times.

Carretera de La Coruña, km. 26
Las Matas 28290
Tel. 91 630 08 20
Fax 91 630 58 07

Real Club Puerta de Hierro

This historic course was opened in 1904. It is considered to be one of the most traditional courses in Madrid. Since its creation, The Real Club de la Puerta de Hierro has maintained a strict admissions policy in an exclusive atmosphere, where visitors must be accompanied by a member. The clubhouse is an elegant building which in no way clashes with the discreet surroundings. Situated in a residential area, it offers all of the facilities which one would expect of such a high-class installation. The club has two 18-hole courses. The 1st hole on Course I is worth mentioning as it is considered one of the most spectacular, overlooked as it is by the clubhouse and its surroundings. Many of the holes are bordered by the Polo grounds. The course is kept in impeccable condition and offers marvellous views all the way round. Some of its most famous players consider it to be one of the most beautiful in Spain.

Avda. de Miraflores, s/n
Tel. 91 316 17 45
Fax 91 373 81 11

Real Sociedad Hípica Española Club de Campo

The Sociedad Hípica Española (or Spanish Riding Society) was founded in 1902, and was granted the Royal prefix by HM the King Alfonso XII in 1908. In the year 1941 it merged with the Club de Campo country club to become the Real Sociedad Hípica Española Club de Campo or R.S.H.E.C.C. In 1984 the decision was taken to construct new installations and this gave us the club as it is today.

Built on an estate covered in evergreen oaks and scrub, the round runs over uneven, undulating terrain.

Two big lakes affect the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 8th; a stream divides the fairway of the 13th. The greens are large and have a lot of movement.

Ctra. de Burgos, km. 26,4
San Sebastián de los Reyes 28709
Tel. 91 657 10 18
Fax 91 657 10 22

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