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Almería Natural Reserves

Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Níjar
Almería, Nijar, Carboneras
Tlf: 950 38.97.42
The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar, which has one of the most beautiful and ecologically rich coastal strips in the western Mediterranean, is the first Natural land and sea park in Andalusia.

Tabernas Desert Natural Park
It is the only region in the European continent that is properly called a desert. It has been over exploited by film companies that use this area to shoot scenes.

Punta Ensinas nature reserve and natural place
Roquetas de Mar
This semi-arid Mediterranean ecosystem combines coastal and land biotypes and is located on the western coast of the province of Almeria. The coastal strip extends from la Punta de Entinas to the salt mines.

Natural Monuments in Almería province.
Lúcar, Roquetas de Mar, Pulpí
These natural areas and monuments in the province of Almería are renowned for their rare beauty and should be officially protected.

Natural Park Sierra María-Los Vélez
This rural mountain range in the north of Almeria has a surface area of 18,962 hectares. With a continental Mediterranean climate,typically characterized by low temperatures in winter.

Natural Place Sierra de Alhamilla
It forms part of Almería’s littoral area of the Cordilleras Béticas along with the Sierras of Gádor and Cabrera. It separates the two regions of Campos de Níjar and the Tabernas-Sorbas passage which lead to the Alborán Sea.

Natural Place Gypsum Karst of Sorbas
This area is located in the East of the region, less than an hour from the capital, in the municipal district of Sorbas. It can be reached by the Almería – Murcia motorway, taking the exit to Sorbas and then the N-340.

Albufera of Adra Natural Reserve
Situated on the Southwest coast of the province of Almería in the municipal district of Adra, the attractiveness of this area is found in its rivers surrounded by reeds, masiegas and bulrushes.

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