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Tarragona Beaches

Tarragona is the main city on the Costa Daurada, and has a notable fishing and yachting port. Its 15 km of coastline give rise to long gently sloping beaches of thin sand. This coast also has wonderful small coves that are protected by rocky settings full of green pine groves.

Tarragona is a city with a clearly maritime vocation and mild climate; for this reason, it is appropriate for practising any sport, especially the aquatic ones, such as sailing, windsurfing, rowing, water-skiing and diving. Here, you can find many sorts of sports facilities to enjoy your leisure in a sporting way.

La Savinosa Beach
La Savinosa Beach is a semi urbanized beach , 350 x 30 m. fine golden sand, calm and slightly deep waters, the stretch of east is becoming closer as it approaches a few rocks that stops the winds.

L'Arrabassada Beach
L'Arrabassada Beach is Semiurban beach of high occupation and bordered by a walk with palm trees, where you have access to the Seafront promenade Rafael de Casanova.

El Miracle Beach
El Miracle Beach, bordered by the Seafront Promenade Rafael de Casanova, to whom one accedes from the center of the city and from which we can observe the remains of the Roman amphitheatre.

Llarga Beach
Llarga Beach is a semiurban beach and one of the best of the Catalan littoral, which as his name indicates is of great length (3 km), his level of occupation is average, of golden sand of thin grain and calm waters.

La Mora Beach
La Mora Beach is a immersed beach in an urban development surrounded with vegetation, with 520 m. of length and 65 of width, of thin golden sand, and calm waters. It possess the Blue Flag.

De Tamarit Beach
De Tamarit Beach is a rural beach placed at the foot of the Castle of Tamarit and that it includes up to the mouth of her was laughing at Gaia surrounded with the facilities of a camping.

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