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Valladolid Accommodation

H**** Conde Ansurez
Tel: +34 983015500

H**** Felipe IV
Tel: +34 983307000

H**** Lasa Sport
Tel: +34 983245444

H**** NH Ciudad de Valladolid
Tel: +34 983351111

H**** Olid Meliá
Tel: +34 983357200

H**** Silken Juan de Austria
Tel: +34 983457475

H**** Tryp Recoletos
Tel: +34 983216200

HR**** Amadeus
Tel: +34 983219444

H*** El Nogal
Tel: +34 983340333

H*** Imperial
Tel: +34 983330300

H*** Parque
Tel: +34 983220000

HR*** Lasa
Tel: +34 983390255

HR*** Mozart
Tel: +34 983297777

HA*** Catedral
Tel: +34 983298811

H** Ibis
Tel: +34 983362111

H** Roma
Tel: +34 983354666

HS** Niza
Tel: +34 983233831

HSR** Astorga
Tel: +34 983202754

HSR** Campo Grande
Tel: +34 983301560

HSR** Colón
Tel: +34 983304044

Source: Web server of Instituto de Turismo de España, TURESPAÑA.

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